What is a locksmith?

    A locksmith is skilled professional that has an extensive knowledge of all locks and locking products available on the households and business of the general public today. A locksmith also possesses the knowledge of how to open and unlock these doors in a non destructive manor so that they can continue to be used after the locksmith has gained entry to your door locks.
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    What is the main objective of a locksmith or locksmiths?

    A locksmiths main aim is to arrive to you quickly and get your back into your homes or business efficiency. A locksmith mainly responds to emergency situations with call outs – where they are called to help somebody who has been locked out, have lost their keys or has their keys stolen.

    Why is it better to call a locksmith rather than attempt to break into my home myself?

    Locksmiths will always find the best solution to the situation you are in. A locksmiths first priority is non destructive entry, they will avoid damaging your door which if attempted yourself could cause further issues in the future not to mention increasing the cost overall.

    Many customers believe that smashing a window is the answer to avoid the charges of calling out an emergency locksmith. Here is why that isn’t the case:

    • You will need have the glass replaced which is costly.
    • You will need to board up the window in the mean time while you await the glass delivery, this will also incur additional costs.
    • The delivery time of glass can be anywhere from 2-8 weeks leaving your property not correctly secured to insurance standard for all that time.
    • In most cases you will need to hire someone to fit the glass for you, again this is another cost that could have been avoided.
    All in all a locksmith even on an emergency basis works out at roughly 20% of the total cost of repairing a broken window when you include all the factors that are easily overlooked.
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    In need of a locksmith?

    Locksmiths are always here to help assist you in the best way possible, I think we can all agree that less than an hour from the time you call a locksmith to when the locksmith completes the works required is a lot better than 8 weeks of an unsecured home or business.

    If you require the assistance of a locksmith call Rockhopper Locks today or send us an email and we will find you the right solution that works for you.

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